What is a Spot Free Rinse System and How Does It Work?

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If you have ever washed your car, then I’m sure you’ve noticed those pesky watermarks that get left behind. If you’re anything like me then you find it very irritating. Not only does it look lackluster, but it’s also actually very harmful to the surface of your car over longer periods. This is why you should use a spot-free rinse system!

Spot-free rinse systems use deionized water for car wash, which gives your car a spotless finish. These don’t have the same minerals as regular water, which causes those spots in the first place. The deionized water is free from these contaminants and thus cleans your car better, without leaving behind more to worry about.

I know it probably sounds like a chemistry lesson at first, but trust me it’s very simple. Best of all, you don’t even need to go to a car wash and you can do it at home without any fancy equipment. You can just install your very own home car wash system and save yourself the hassle. Let me explain how exactly it works and why you should consider getting one!

The Spot Free Rinse System: Details

While your car might shine like brand-new when you take it to the car wash, it’s not feasible to take it there regularly. Everybody has jobs, families, and little to no time to get your car washed. I’m sure it’s just much easier to get it done at home. But if you’ve tried both, you’ve probably noticed the problems of a home car wash.

Your regular home-wash using water, soap, and a sponge is the reason behind your car slowly losing its shine. No matter how hard you try, it never ends up looking as clean or good as it does when you’ve been to the car wash.

The reason for this is the water that you use at home, regular or tap water contains lots of minerals. This is usually known as Total Dissolved Solids or TDS. This includes things like minerals, metals, calcium, aluminum, sodium, phosphates, etc. If these are present in the water that you use to wash your car, they leave behind spots that are very hard to remove.

These not only make your car appear old and worn out, but they can also erode the protective layer on top of your car over time. As it keeps corroding over time you might even completely lose the layer and then your paint will be exposed. Thus your car will deteriorate significantly over time.

The Spot-Free rinse system solves all of these issues. It removes the hassle of scrubbing your car with soap, which can be harmful and abrasive on its own. And it also removes the problem of spotting.

The spot-free rinse system uses deionized water that contains little to no TDS and hence leaves behind a completely spot-free car. Professional car washes use this mechanism and you can set a portable spot free rinse system at home as well!

These systems are very easy to use, and it makes the whole process of washing your car much more efficient and easier. Not to mention, it cleans your car while protecting the protective coat and makes your car look brand new.

How Does a Spot-Free Rinse System Work?

A spot-free rinse system can work in different ways. The most effective would-be deionization. Deionization is a process by which 100% of all the minerals in water are removed. These minerals are present usually in the form of charged ions. Deionization removes them from your water.

This is usually known as “soft” water. Soft water is less harmful and much less likely to bead up on your car’s surface. Since they don’t form droplets and stick to your car, there’s no chance of them leaving spots or stains once they evaporate.

Using your spot-free rinse system is very easy. You can just directly spray the deionized water onto your car and clean it. That’s it. There’s no need for soap or abrasive sponges. You don’t even need to dry your car with a cloth. It’ll dry itself and leave your car spotless.

Types of Spot Free Rinse Systems

Spot-free rinse systems are usually of 3 different types. These differences are due to the different mechanisms they use to “soften” the water. Your spot-free rinse system will probably use deionization, distillation, or reverse osmosis. Each of these has its perks and cons as well.

As discussed above, deionization works by removing the charged mineral ions from the water. The system removes the TDS by replacing them with hydrogen and hydroxyl molecules. This ends up making the water completely pure, i.e. it forms H20.

On the other hand, reverse osmosis works more like a filtration process. In this system, water is passed through a membrane or a filter to remove all of its impurities.

And finally, distillation systems purify the water with the help of evaporation. As water evaporates and turns into a gas, it leaves behind all its impurities and minerals. Then this gas or steam is turned back into the water through condensation. Thus leaving you with pure water that does not leave spots.

The Benefits of a Spot Free Rinse System

There are many perks of having a portable home spot-free rinse system. For starters, there’s no need to use sponges, soap, and scrub the entire car by yourself. You don’t have to pat it down and dry it. It’s just one simple process of wash, rinse and relax.

You’ll also be saving a lot of water using a spot-free rinse system. Since you don’t need buckets to wet, soap, and then clean again, you will be using much less water. Refilling the tanks is also very simple.

Along with water, you will save your time, energy, and money as well! It’s way faster than manually washing your car and takes much less effort. You wouldn’t need to spend more money going to car washes now and then.

It’s very fast and easy to set up and even more easy to use. You can even get your kids to do it for you. It’s lightweight and compact and will fit in the corner of your garage. You don’t need any fancy tools or heavy equipment.

And best of all, this system is very good for your car. It protects the outer layer as well as the paint. It leaves no spots and dries completely without a trace. It’ll leave your car looking shiny and clean. It’s not abrasive, and it won’t corrode your car over time. You can even reach those hard-to-get corners using the hose. Your car will look better for much longer.

The more you use it, the more you’ll find even more benefits to having a home spot-free rinse system. While it might cost you a little to set it up at first, it’s more than worth it, as you will get a lot of use out of it. And this also encourages you to clean your car more frequently as it’s so fast and convenient.

Is The Spot Free System Worth Buying?

Of course. If you love your car and how it looks, you’d obviously want it to keep looking good as long as possible. And preventing water spots is essential for that.

Spots aren’t just harmless watermarks on your car. If left long enough they can actually corrode your car’s paint. Eventually, ruining its looks. Buying a home spot free system ensures you eliminate this water spot issue and keep your car looking good for as long as possible. So, there’s no denying the benefits of having a sport free system.


Now that you know all about spot-free rinse systems and how they work, you can put all your car wash worries to rest. Install one right away for your home, and you’ll never have to visit a car wash again. Get your spotless car wash done at home, just as well with minimal effort.

Your car will retain its shine and look amazing and of course be spot-free!

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