7 Best Foam Cannon For Pressure Washer In 2022 Reviewed

best foam cannon for pressure washer

Take it from me; nothing makes car enthusiasts prouder than the ability to keep their vehicles in pristine condition for years. An easy way to maintain the paintwork in excellent shape is to get your vehicle auto detailed routinely.

If you already have a pressure washer for cars, the other thing you need is the best foam cannon.

Unfortunately, investing in car washes every day is expensive. Then again, you may not strip off all the dirt from the exteriors of your vehicle using a bucket and rag.

Dive in, and I’ll help you find the best foam cannon for pressure washer. I’ll share with you the top 7 products, and we will also settle the foam gun vs. foam cannon debate.

7 Best Foam Cannon for Pressure Washer

There are numerous foam cannon brands in the market, and the hyped marketing gimmicks will not make it swift for you to find a product you can trust. Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you and separated the wheat from the chaff. I present to you the top 7 foam cannons for pressure washer.

  1. DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon Snow Foam LanceOpens in a new tab.

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I’ll start by reviewing a foam cannon brand that I feel is the most convenient to purchase. The Dusichin SFL-110 comes with a ready-to-use foam soap for your convenience. Better still, it has an adjustable spray nozzle to ensure accurate foam generation and mixing.

By adjusting the nozzle, you can dictate the water-to-soap ratio. Apply more foam on grimy spots and reduce this quantity to the less dirty areas of your car. This should help to ensure you do not waste car soap.

Regular DIYers will find this foam lance ideal because it is designed for ease of use. It is also constructed using sturdy materials, making it equally perfect for professional use.

One of the first things you will notice is that the device has industrial-grade brass connectors. They ensure firm and leak-free connections between the cannon and your pressure washer. This is a telling sign that the cannon is built to hold up well to ongoing use. The bottle can hold at least 33 ounces.

This means that if you have a middle-sized car, the soap can be used during two cleaning sessions without needing a refill. In case you own a bigger truck, or you need to clean your boat or RV, you can save yourself from the trouble of refilling the bottle several times during your cleaning sessions.


  • Quality overall construction, best for professional use
  • Brass connectors for enhanced durability
  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • Foam cannon works with pressure washers with PSI 1000 and above
  • Designed to ensure accurate mixing and foam thickness


  • The foam cannon contains some plastic parts that are not as durable as the brass connectors
  1. Sun Joe SPX-FC34-MXT Foam CannonOpens in a new tab.

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I’m sure you have heard about the Sun Joe brand. This is one of the most popular pressure washer and foam cannon manufacturers. It takes pride in having some of the most robust units in the market. The key reason why this foam lance has made it to our review list is that its body is made from solid brass.

For the price, you get a heavy-duty device, ideal for both home and professional use. Also, the foam blaster has an adjustable spray nozzle. All you ought to do is turn the knob to dictate the thickness of the foam you want to achieve.

This feature also ensures the accurate mixing of water and soap for you to generate the perfect foam. For you to get the best results when using the foam cannon, make sure your pressure washer can deliver 3000 PSI and 2GPM. It is an ideal companion when cleaning your motorcycle, boat, RV, siding, etc.

When testing the foam cannon, there are a few tricks that came in handy. We first added warm water to the bottle before adding our soap to ensure the foam soap is appropriately diluted and mixed. If you want thick foam, adjust the knob towards the minus sign to reduce the amount of water mixing with the soap.


  • Solid brass body for enhanced longevity
  • Adjustable nozzle and dial
  • 1/4″ quick connection fittings
  • Heavy-duty construction, ideal for professional use
  • PSI 3000 and 2GPM
  • 34 ounces capacity
  • Easy to operate


  • Most fittings are only hand tight during purchase; the foam cannon needs some fine-tuning before use
  1. TriNova Foam Lance and Gallon Car Wash Soap KitOpens in a new tab.

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The TriNov Foam Cannon is one of the best-reviewed products on our list. I agree that the price is a little on the higher side, although you can look forward to enjoying optimal bang for your buck. If you need a quality, easy-to-use foam cannon for washing your vehicle, this is a product we highly recommend.

Also, the quick connection fittings ensure that you only spend a few minutes setting up the foam cannon. Simply fill the soap bottle, connect it to your pressure washer, and make adjustments to the knob to ensure you get the desired foam thickness.

This product works best when connected to a pressure washer of 1000-3200 PSI. We tested the device using a gas-powered pressure washer, and the outcome was quite impressive.

I like the fact that you do not have to worry about subjecting the bottle to too much pressure. It is designed to hold up to regular usage, irrespective of whether you are using a gas or electric pressure washer.

As for the water flow rate, the foam cannon only needs about 1.4 GPM to function. This is impressive, mainly because most models require at least 2 GPM.


  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable nozzle to control foam thickness
  • Wide neck to hold up well when using a high PSI
  • Works well with 1000- 3200PSI
  • Only requires 1.4 GPM
  • Product from a trusted brand


  • This foam cannon is expensive when compared to other similar models
  1. Chemical Guys EQP_310 TORQ Professional Foam CannonOpens in a new tab.

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Chemical Guys is a trusted brand that has been around for over 40 years. It is known for manufacturing useful car-care products. If you are searching for ideal foam cannons, the EQP_310 is worth a look.

A feature that gives this device an edge above other foam cannons is that it has an upgraded internal design. It can produce thick foam with pressure washers that provide as little as 800 PSI and a maximum of 3,500 PSI.

This foam lance has an innovative air-injection system. It ensures better foam generation to afford you a completely scratch-free car washing experience. This system combines air, water, and soap to produce 30% more foam than other foam cannons.

Moreover, this is a reliable device with stainless steel and brass components. You, therefore, do not have to worry about your foam cannon rusting, breaking, or getting discolored with continued use. The chemical-resistant seals and the O-ring fittings ensure leak-free operations during auto detailing projects.

A good number of foam cannon models have not made it to our review list because they have open brass threads. These threads tear up quickly, making the whole device useless in a matter of months. This product has an innovatively designed thread lock system that is resistant to tear and wear.


  • Foam cannon designed to deliver maximum foam thickness
  • Can work with low-spec pressure washers that offer 800PSI
  • Quality construction for better durability
  • Made from corrosion-resistant materials
  • Quality thread lock provides an airtight seal
  • Works with both electric and gas pressure washers
  • Safe for use with wax sealants


  • Expensive
  1. Fasmov Car Wash Cannon Foam BlasterOpens in a new tab.

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This foam cannon works precisely as advertised. It may appear a little too simple in its design, although it’s an actual warrior when it comes to producing thick, auto detailing foam. Fasmov manufacturers focused mainly on delivering functional, durable, and high-performing foam lances.

We can all agree that aesthetics are not that important when searching for a foam blaster. This device has top-quality brass connectors that create an airtight seal. The 1-litter soap bottle is big enough to save you from the trouble of getting refills in between your cleaning sessions.

If your pressure washer can provide at least 1000PSI and 2.0 GPM, then this affordable foam cannon model may be ideal for you.

Another benefit is that this product comes with an adjustable nozzle. You can reduce or increase the amount of water that mixes with the soap to ensure you get the desired foam thickness. During our tests, we noted that the studs produced were considerably thick, irrespective of our water-to-soap ratio.

For the price, I must insist that the performance of this foam cannon model is quite impressive. Better still, it has a quality build made of thick brass and plastic for maximum durability.


  • Robust brass connectors provide a perfectly airtight seal
  • I litter (33 oz.) capacity
  • Adjustable nozzle for precise mixing and foam production
  • Simple and easy-to-use design
  • Can work with pressure washers with 1000PSI and 2.0 GPM
  • Affordable


  • Simple design with zero visual appeal
  1. Tool Daily Foam CannonOpens in a new tab.

This is yet another solid foam lance from a trusted brand. Although this is not the most outstanding model from Tool Daily, there are a few reasons why we still believe it offers a good deal.

First, it can withstand about 140-degree temperatures, which is impressive compared to the heat thresholds of other products within its price range.

If you are looking for remarkable aesthetics, this is not a product for you. It has a simple design that comprises a tube and a logo-free bottle. On the bright side, this foam dispenser is compatible with pressure washers that deliver as much as 3000 PSI or as little as 1000 PSI. It requires a flow rate of 1.8 to 5.3 GPM

The performance of this foam blaster is irreproachable because it can withstand a higher PSI. Moreover, this product has quality fittings that ensure the foam is delivered more efficiently. Another feature that makes it a worthy purchase is the adjustable fan blades.

They allow you to control the amount of foam you spray onto your car, and you can use a wide or narrow jet. Unfortunately, this is not the most durable foam lance on our list. I’m guessing this is a small price to pay for its unmatched performance.


  • Easy to adjust blade fans for accurate foam production
  • This foam lance uses 1,100 – 5,000 PSI, 1.8 – 5.3 GPM
  • Maximum temperature: 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Unmatched overall performance
  • 0.22 Gallon capacity


  • The cannon has limited longevity when subjected to heavy-duty use
  1. Foseal Snow Foam Cannon Jet WashOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab. 

There is one more foam cannon we must analyze before we end our review. Foseal is not the most popular manufacturer of auto detailing products, although this is likely to change soon. Given the overall quality of its products, we have reasons to believe that this is one of the best brands in today’s markets.

If you have limited budget and want to buy a cannon that will give you the best value for your money, consider purchasing the Foseal Snow Foam Lance. It generates a thick foam coat, making it remarkably easy to strip off the grime and dirt from your vehicle’s exteriors.

This product also has a heavy-duty knob made from durable brass. It creates an airtight seal for smoother operations and impeccable cleaning. You can use the cannon when washing your siding, outdoor furniture, or even your motorcycle.

Simply adjust the knob to create sprayer settings that are ideal for various applications. This is a well-engineered device that comes in an attractive package. The box and the wrapping make it look like a priceless gift, designed for car enthusiasts.

To make the most out of your cannon, ensure that your pressure washer has 2.0 GPM and a minimum of 1000 PSI.


  • Designed for multipurpose use
  • Quality construction for maximum longevity
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Uses 2.0 GPM and at least 1000PSI
  • Heavy-duty knob made of quality brass
  • Thick plastic bottle for enhanced durability
  • 1-liter capacity


  • It takes a while to master how to control foam generation effectively

Why Bother Using a Foam Cannon?

Manually pouring soap on your car before spraying it with highly pressurized water from your pressure washer will still get the job done, right? So why bother using foam cannon? The best way to answer this question is to help you understand the unique perks of using foam cannons.

  • More Effective

Yes, regular detergents can strip off dirt and grime from your car exteriors. However, this would take ages and possibly leave a few scratches on the paintwork. Foam cannons come with unique solutions that soak the grime and dirt, softening it and breaking it down to make it easier to wipe off.

  • Make Cleaning Easier

It’s this simple, your pressure washer and foam cannon will work together to make cleaning your car a breeze. Think of it as having two separate units that join forces to reduce some of the inconveniences involved in washing your vehicle using a sponge and bucket.

With the foam lance, you can cover your entire car with soap in a matter of minutes. Getting to all the hard-to-reach areas will not be a hassle.

  • Multifunctional

Foam cannons come in handy when cleaning other things and not just your car. This device will offer you dependable solutions when cleaning your siding, roof, and even your outdoor furniture. I use it when cleaning my motorcycle, and it helps to get the soap into those nooks and crevices.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Foam Cannon

When snow foam is applied to a car’s exteriors, it loosens up the dirt and grime. This helps to protect the paintwork from scratches once you start washing the vehicle.

Even though there are several smart ways of applying the snow foam, using a foam cannon ensures you get thick foam on all the crucial areas without much trouble. Here are features you must take into account before purchasing a foam lance.

  • Capacity

If you intend to make your work easier, it only makes sense to choose a foam cannon that can hold as much soap as you need during each cleaning session. Trust me; it’s quite inconvenient to have to refill your bottle several times when cleaning your car.

  • Durability

I like making long-term investments because they help me save money. Foam cannons differ in the quality of their construction, and not all models have thick plastics and sturdy brass nozzle fittings. Carefully study the materials used in the construction of different products before choosing what to buy.

  • Car Wash Soap pH Level

This is one of the essential aspects to consider before money changes hands. If a foam cannon’s soap is too acidic, this will damage your vehicle’s paintwork.

We highly recommend using a product with a maximum of pH-7. This is tough enough to break down dirt and grime, and it is gentle enough to leave the paint in a pristine state. Here’s a detailed guide on car wash soap.

  • Pressure

Before you purchase a foam cannon, take time to check out its nozzle. The idea is to evaluate how much force it can handle and still work effectively. And the amount of pressure the nozzle can withstand will determine the performance of the foam blaster.

Products with greater pressure capabilities tend to be more effective. In case you go beyond the allowable limit of the nozzle, there is a good chance that your foam cannon will not last as long as you had anticipated. Some foam cannons work with as little as 600 PSI, while others require a minimum of 1,000 PSI to function.

  • Connector Size

You need a foam cannon that is a perfect fit for your unique pressure washer. That said, the connector size is a feature you cannot afford to overlook when searching for the best product to purchase.

If you buy a foam cannon whose connector size cannot fit perfectly with your pressure washer, you are likely to end up disappointed.

  • Adjustable Features

Foam cannons can be used for different applications. For you to clean various surfaces, it is crucial to choose a model that allows you to make several spray adjustments. You need to have some level of control over the degree of foam that passes through the nozzle.

When washing my car, I like having thick foam all over it. The more foam I can get, the better. My needs, however, change when cleaning the wooden shingles on my roof. You can only imagine the extra work, and the dangers posed by having too much foam on the roofing system.

Foam Cannon vs. Foam Gun

Foam guns and foam cannons are two different products, yet they are closely related. Both devices are used to spray foam on surfaces, and this helps to loosen up the dirt and grime and makes it easier to wipe off.

So, is it better to use a foam cannon or a foam gun? Let’s begin by understanding the critical differences between these two devices. Foam cannons work hand in hand with pressure washers. Their output is higher, and they tend to do a more thorough job when cleaning cars and exterior fixtures.

After all, they are connected to pressure washers, which produce highly pressurized water, unlike regular garden hoses.

On the other hand, you can attach your foam gun to your usual garden hose. In case you do not have a pressure washer, it is okay to use a foam gun. It will still serve the primary purpose of applying foam soap onto your car to break down dirt and grime.

Even though there are conveniences allied with having a pressure washer and foam cannon, your garden hose and foam gun can suffice until you get your budget ready. Whether you are using a foam cannon or a foam gun, you will still enjoy professional-grade auto detailing.

 How to Use a Foam Cannon for the Best Result

If you have decided to put your money into buying a pressure washer and foam cannon, you may as well ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. How you use the foam cannon can make all the difference, and using it the correct way is crucial.

The good news is that as long as the PSI of your pressure washer matches the PSI needed to make your foam cannon work, you are good to go. I must, however, insist that the more pressure you can get, the better.

  • Step 1

Most car washing guides recommend pre-washing your car before applying the foam. I skip the pre-washing part, and this has so far worked for me.

One thing we can all agree on is that the foam removes the hard specks of debris and dirt for you, making the pre-washing somewhat unnecessary. In case you do not share my views, your first step is to pre-wash your car.

  • Step 2

Allow me to put it out there; you must ensure the weather conditions are suitable. It does not have to be sunny, but it should not be rainy. You certainly do not want to apply foam all over the car, only for Mother Nature to prematurely rinse it off.

  • Step 3

The third step is to apply the foam onto the car. Adjust the nozzle whenever necessary to control the amount of water allowed to mix with the soap solution. The idea is to achieve thick foam that can easily cling onto the exteriors of your car.

It is at this point that you also want to deliberate on the best angles to use when flushing the foam. Make sure you are standing at least two feet away from your car as you direct the spray. Before you step aside to let the foam set in, ensure that all crucial areas are properly covered with a thick layer of foam.

  • Step 4

It should take between 10-15 minutes for the foam cannon to do its job. When you start rinsing your car, disconnect the lance from the pressure washer, or just adjust the nozzle to prevent the foam from mixing with the water stream.

The trick to giving your vehicle a proper rinse is to work from top to bottom. If you start rinsing the bottom, this will blast dirt upwards, making your work harder.

  • Step 5

Your project is now one step away from completion. The fifth and last step is to let the car dry before applying wax. After this, feel free to take a few steps back and admire the outcome.

I have a detailed article that describes foam cannon adjustment with soap ratio for better foam generation.

Here’s a video on it:

How to Clean Foam Cannon

It’s tempting to place your foam lance in your garage without cleaning it. After all, it only contains soap and water. Well, this can be detrimental to the longevity of the device. Car wash soap contains calcium deposits that can clog the control valve, preventing it from shooting the desired amount of foam.

We talked about checking the capacity of a foam blaster before purchase. You do this to not only reduce the number of times you need to refill the container but to also better your chances of using all the soap during a cleaning session.

After using the cannon, empty it and then rinse it with clean water. Detach it from the pressure washer and fill it with water. Shoot the freshwater over and over again until it is no longer soapy. There you have it! Your foam cannon is ready for storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding pressure washers for cars:

  1. Do I have to use the same car wash soap that came with my foam cannon?

No, you can use any other mild car soap with your foam cannon. Just ensure that its pH levels do not exceed 7. It is also imperative to use the right dilution ratio to ensure your vehicle’s paint is not damaged.

  1. How do I choose the right car wash soap to use with my foam cannon?

Numerous foam soap brands do a brilliant job of removing grime and dirt from vehicle exteriors. Be sure to check the pH levels of various products before purchase. In case you frequently wax your car, find a soap you can safely use with wax sealants.

  1. My pressure washer has a low GPM, will a foam lance work?

The foam cannon will still work with a low-GPM pressure washer. It is, however, necessary to understand that this may affect the thickness of the foam you can achieve.

Final Words

Every vehicle owner needs a foam cannon. It makes car washing easier and quicker, not to mention that it protects the paintwork from scratches and other forms of damage. If you are ready to upgrade from using a garden hose and sponge, go through our post to find the best foam cannon for pressure washer.

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